100% Arabica Brazil Yellow Bourbon Roasted Coffee in A Tin


This Brazilian coffee is grown at about 1050 meters above sea level and processed by the natural pulp method. Fruity, full-bodied grapes, and deep chocolate are the typical notes of this coffee awarded the Brazil Cup of Excellence. Dejava’s exclusive. Totally Pure. Totally Fresh.


  • 100% Authentic Arabica Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee

  • Consciously and Ethically Sourced Premium Quality Beans

  • Freshly Roasted After Your Order, Guaranteed

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The best Bourbon is yellow. Brazilian coffee is made from Arabica beans. Yellow Bourbon beans come from Brazil and are aged for a long time. This coffee is mostly processed by the “pulped natural method,” which is like a mix between  laundry and coffee that hasn’t been washed. Right after the coffee is picked, the peel and pulp are taken off. The coffee is then dried in the sun.

The coffee is not too acidic, has a medium body, and tastes like a nice, very tasty chocolate candy. Brazilian coffee is a coffee that has it all. This coffee is dried on patios for at least 30 days and kept in wooden silos until it is ready to be ground and shipped. The results can’t be argued with, since Fazenda Rainha coffee has often been chosen as one of the best in Brazil’s Cup of the Excellence competition. The Brazil Yellow Bourbon coffee is known for being mild and well-balanced, with a flavor that is smooth and mild. This coffee is known for its rich aroma, medium acidity, and sweet, full-bodied finish. It also has a lot of history and romance behind it. Brazil Bourbon is a prized and classic Arabica coffee that is dried in the sun.


  • 100% Arabica Brazil Yellow Bourbon coffee
  • This coffee is one of the finest, best and most sought after coffee indulgences in the world
  • Freshly roasted in small batches for highest freshness, flavour and aroma
  • Stored in an elegant sealed pouch or airtight tin (depending on your order)
  • A great, unique and exclusive gift for coffee lovers, family and friends

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Fazenda do Lobo


Arabica Yellow Bourbon


900 – 1050 meters above sea level


Pulped Natural

Roast Level





Fruity with grape and deep chocolate notes


Medium Body