100% Arabica India Monsoon Malabar Roasted Coffee in A Pouch


This Monsoon Malabar coffee is grown at elevations around 1200 m above sea level. Exceptionally smooth with a sweet, spicy kick, earthy, smoky tobacco notes and medium body are typical notes of this India’s most sought-after coffee. Dejava’s exclusive. Totally Pure. Totally Fresh.


  • 100% Authentic Arabica India Monsoon Malabar Coffee

  • Consciously and Ethically Sourced Premium Quality Beans

  • Freshly Roasted After Your Order, Guaranteed

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In the 1600s, slow sailing ships carried coffee beans from India to Europe. The beans were kept in cargo holds for up to six months at a time. They were put away in a damp place where they couldn’t get fresh air or sunlight. When they got to Europe, they were swollen and had turned yellow. The Europeans brewed and enjoyed them because they didn’t know any better. They loved the sweet, fermented brew with interesting earthy flavours that went well together.

Since the beans don’t have to go on dark, long trips across the sea anymore, the same conditions have been made. Monsooning is a wet process that takes 16 weeks and simulates the conditions of a sea voyage to make coffee that tastes different. India Malabar “Monsooned Voyage” is a very unique coffee that makes a top-quality brew when roasted to a medium level. It is known for having a medium body, a light tanginess, a smooth flavour, and an aroma that stays with you.


  • 100% Arabica India Monsoon Malabar coffee
  • This coffee is one of the finest, best and most sought after coffee indulgences in the world
  • Freshly roasted in small batches for highest freshness, flavour and aroma
  • Stored in an elegant sealed pouch or airtight tin (depending on your order)
  • A great, unique and exclusive gift for coffee lovers, family and friends

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South India – Karnataka, Western Ghats


Arabica Variety: Kents, S.795, Catimor


1100 – 1200 meters above sea level



Roast Level





Earthy, Spicy, Smoky


Medium Body