Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

At Dejava Coffee, we only use the best premium quality coffee beans. The coffees are consciously and ethically sourced directly from farmers, coffee co-operatives, and reputable distributors worldwide.

All our coffees are freshly roasted after your order is received by us – guaranteed. The coffees are roasted in small batches by hand, ensuring the highest quality of flavor and aroma, maximum freshness, and quality control.

We roast our coffees to a ‘medium’ level. The coffees are roasted between 210°C and 220°C, between the end of the first crack and before the start of the second crack. As the result, the coffees have a medium brown color, and more body and oil-free bean surfaces. Medium roasted coffees contain more of a balanced flavor, aroma, acidity, sweetness, and body to create a delicious brew.

Our coffees are made with a medium grind. It is the most common grind size for pre-ground beans, with a texture like smoother sand. This grind is great for drip coffee makers and siphon brewers. It will also work well in an AeroPress.

Absolutely, yes!. Dejava Kopi Luwak is 100% Certified Wild Civet Kopi Luwak, high grade and top quality. The coffee beans are ethically and sustainably sourced from genuinely wild/free living and non-caged civets. We hold a Certificate of Authenticity certifying our kopi Luwak as 100% authentic Arabica Wild Kopi Luwak, from wild/free-range civet cats. We never use and do not support the supply of Kopi Luwak from caged civets.

Delivery is FREE for orders under 1kg in weight and under £40 in value within the UK Mainland with Sign For First Class delivery service. For orders over 1kg in weight and under £40 in value, shipping is £5 with our Signed for First Class service. For orders over £40, shipping is free.

We freshly roast and dispatch orders within 1-2 working days after your order from Monday to Friday. We use Royal Mail Sign For First Class Service.

All of our coffees sell equally. Each coffee has a distinct flavor profile, see the tasting notes for each coffee to get an idea of what they are like. Although Wild Kopi Luwak, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona, Brazilian, Colombian, and Costa Rica do tend to be very popular.

All our coffees are available to buy through our website: and other eCommerce platforms. On our website, simply click on the ‘Shop’ menu button. Select the coffee you’d like to purchase. Once on the product page, select the ‘Coffee Form’ and ‘Weight’. Then click ‘Add to Basket followed by ‘Checkout’ on the cart page.

We accept most credit cards and online payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Ordering Coffees

There are four commercially traded types of coffee beans; Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. All of our coffee is 100% Arabica premium single origin, the most popular coffee bean in the world. This coffee is well known to be the ‘best’ and has a smoother, tastier, and sweeter taste than other coffee beans.

We put a roast date on all our roasted coffees. Once opened, we recommend drinking and enjoying your coffee within 3 months from the roast date (and within one month to enjoy them at their absolute best). You can still drink the coffee for up to a year post roast – however, the coffee flavors and aroma will slightly change over time.

Once you open your coffee, your coffee should be airtight (either in our re-seal bags or an airtight container), away from any light and moisture, and kept in a cool, dry place. Please don’t store your coffee in the fridge because it can absorb aromas from other food items which will ruin all flavors.

The best way to grind coffee beans is to use a burr grinder. It will grind your coffee beans evenly, as coarse or as fine as you’d like. The burr grinder uses the same even pressure and rotation which will ‘crush’ beans into perfect consistency. This is done at a lower speed, meaning there is no added heat, so your flavor and consistency of the grind stay intact.

This all depends on how strong you like your coffee and how you are brewing it. A good starting point, we recommend to use 0.38 ounces or 10.6 grams of coffee beans per cup.  This translates to about two tablespoons of ground coffee which is more or less the standard amount to make a cup of coffee. If you feel the coffee is too weak or too strong then you can adjust the amount of water.

Many people say that Indonesia, Jamaica, Hawaii, Brazil and Colombia are known for the best coffees. But coffee beans are grown around the world, and taste is subjective, so which is the ‘best’ is up to you.

It is recommended to use water “just off the boil”, so best to wait 30 – 45 seconds before pouring. The ideal water temperature is 92 – 96°C (198 – 205°F) since too hot water can scorch the beans. Too hot temperature results in a bitter, acidic and brunt flavor.