100% Arabica Rwanda Anaerobic Roasted Coffee in A Pouch


This delicious and popular Rwanda coffee is the Bourbon variety. The coffee is grown at elevations around 1850 m above sea level in the Nyaruguru district. This 88 on the SCA scale has a complex, dark chocolate, floral, fruity, honey and winey notes. Dejava’s exclusive. Totally Pure. Totally Fresh.


  • 100% Authentic Arabica Rwanda Anaerobic Coffee

  • Consciously and Ethically Sourced Premium Quality Beans

  • Freshly Roasted After Your Order, Guaranteed

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A fine Rwanda coffee offers a silky, creamy body along with the floral notes of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee and the acidity of a Kenya coffee. The aroma may provide hints of lemon and orange blossom with floral notes complementing the sweet citrus qualities with hints of caramel in the aftertaste. With its high altitude, frequent rainfall, volcanic soils, strong organic structure, and plenty of Bourbon, Rwanda is blessed with the perfect circumstances for growing coffee. About 95% of Rwanda’s coffee plants are the high quality Arabica varietal Bourbon.

Most Rwandan coffee is grown by smallholders, estimated to number around 500,000, on plots of land that are frequently no more than one hectare per family and   Most of the coffee in Rwanda is grown at elevations ranging from 1,200 to 1,800 meters above sea level. The nation is covered in coffee plantations, but the southern province and Lake Kivu area have notably dense populations. As they are known locally, smallholders in Rwanda group together to form cooperatives that share access to centralized wet mills or washing stations.

Between September and October is when flowers bloom, and the months of March through July are when crops are harvested. Shipments begin in late May or early June. Today Rwanda is Africa’s ninth largest Arabica coffee producer with about 450,000 small farms which average less than one hectare in size (about 165 coffee trees per coffee farmer) totaling about 28,000 hectares in coffee cultivation.


  • 100% Arabica Rwanda Anaerobic coffee
  • This coffee is one of the finest, best and most sought after coffee indulgences in the world
  • Freshly roasted in small batches for highest freshness, flavour and aroma
  • Stored in an elegant sealed pouch or airtight tin (depending on your order)
  • A great, unique and exclusive gift for coffee lovers, family and friends

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Nyaruguru district, Southern Province




1850 meters above sea level


Anaerobic Fermentation

Roast Level



Blueberry and black grape


Complex, dark chocolate, floral, fruity, honey, winey


Light-Medium Body