Authentic Wild Kopi Luwak

Because Kopi Luwak is the rarest and most unique coffee available in the world it can sometimes be of dubious authenticity. Many people want to know information on how to identify between authentic Kopi Luwak beans and ordinary coffee beans.

The followings are some general characteristics of authentic Kopi Luwak beans:

(1) Usually, an authentic Kopi Luwak coffee bean is heavier than an ordinary coffee bean;

(2) An authentic Kopi Luwak bean with its outer skin has a mixed color of yellow and brown;

(3) When the outer skin of bean is removed, an authentic Kopi Luwak bean has a shiny green appearance. It also looks solid and heavy;

(4) An authentic Arabica roast/ground Kopi Luwak has a characteristic aroma of flora and jungle and a fruity taste;

(5) After drinking, an authentic Kopi Luwak has a very little or no acidity taste and a smoothly long aftertaste in the mouth;

(6) Because of very little or no acidity content, Kopi Luwak does not cause stomach upset.


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