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Wild Kopi Luwak

The Main Processes of Wild Kopi Luwak

THE MAIN PROCESSES OF WILD KOPI LUWAK In general, the processes of producing Wild Kopi Luwak are similar to other coffees. The difference is in the process of natural fermentation of beans in the digestive tract of Luwak. Here are the main processes of Wild Kopi Luwak: Wild civets consume ripe coffee cherries – Wild civets select and eat red colored coffee cherries containing fruit and seed, but beans inside pass through their system undigested. Collecting coffee beans– The undigested beans from the …
Wild Kopi Luwak

Authentic Wild Kopi Luwak

Because Kopi Luwak is the rarest and most unique coffee available in the world it can sometimes be of dubious authenticity. Many people want to know information on how to identify between authentic Kopi Luwak beans and ordinary coffee beans. The followings are some general characteristics of authentic Kopi Luwak beans: (1) Usually, an authentic Kopi Luwak coffee bean is heavier than an ordinary coffee bean; (2) An authentic Kopi Luwak bean with its outer skin has a mixed color of yellow and …